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The Bully Inn

        The only Public House in Quarter was originally called, so the story goes, The Bellerophon Inn. The original name came from one of Nelson's ships during the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and in 1862 the first ship built to a new design of shorter, handier ships, divided into watertight compartments was constructed and called the Bellerophon. In 1909 a ship of the Dreadnought type was built at Portsmouth called the Bellerophon. She was present at the battle of Jutland and after the First World War she was reduced to reserve or subsidiary duties. The name Bellerophon is from the Greek Mythology, the son of Glaucus, King of the Corinth; he was the hero who tamed the winged horse Pegasus with the aid of a bridle given to him by the goddess Athena.
It was recalled by Mr. Tom Reid that a small picture on the back gate of the old inn was of a winged horse and that the Bowling Club has a trophy called the Bellerophon Trophy and a winged horse as their emblem.
        Nicknames in the Navy for various ships are legion and some are merely mispronunciations and others seem to have no obvious origin. For ages past the ships of the navy have been christened with most extraordinary names; it is in a way a sign of affection in the same way that popular people usually acquire one.
       The Naval nickname for the old Bellerophon was always the "Billy Ruffian" or "Bally Ruffian". The local dialect probably did the rest as Billy can be heard by outsiders as Bully with a harsh U and Ruffian "having no part in Quarter!" was dropped to become just The Bully Inn.

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The Post Office

Old P O 1.JPG
mr mrs Fallow.jpg
back of post office 1970.jpg

The Old Post Office started in 1900 showing the side and back in 1970 and Mr and Mrs Fallow who ran the Post Office in early 1970's.

General Store1990.jpg

The Post Office and general store in the early 1990's as run by Gloria Conway.

New P O large 1.jpg

The new Post Office built in 2000 then run by Mary McDonald and later by Mr Russell. The old Co-op building was turned into flats and the shop now closed will also be a dwelling.

The Police Station

       The first Police Station was situated at the corner of Darngaber Road and Limekilnburn Road . The building was originally a private school and can be seen in the 1856 – 1954 maps of Darngaber/Quarter, but the building must have been demolished between 1954 and 1963. The Police Station had moved by 1914 to just across the road from the Church and was there up until 1976. Today there are two private houses where the Police Station was.  From the Quarter Public School log book the first Policeman mentioned in the village was Sergeant Blaney who in September 1880 was required to question the parents of a truant boy at the village school. In 1881 we have constables Andrew Watt and William G. Gunn living in Darngaber Rows Police Station. By 1921 Constables Alexander McRae and Neil Shaw had moved to the new Police Station and in 1925 we have Constables Peter Laing and William Riach. Other Policemen that have been mentioned are George Scott, Harry Robson, Jim McKenzie and the last Policeman at Quarter was Jim McDonald.

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The Old Police Station

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The new Police Station was opposite the Church and demolished in 1976

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